Über Social Media wird viel geschimpft. Es gibt aber auch Positivbeispiele, wie z.B. der Blog Humans of New York. Hier werden bewegende Geschichten über New Yorker Bürger erzählt. Nun haben Schülerinnen und Schüler aus der E-Phase unserer Schule versucht, etwas Vergleichbares zu entwerfen. Sie schreiben dazu:

In our English class we discussed the positive and negative sides of social media and in what ways it affects us. One day our teacher showed us a blog called “Humans of New York“, which is about different people who tell their life-changing stories to a blogger. He writes them down and posts them with a picture of the person on Instagram.

We were inspired by that and tried to do that on our own. Divided into groups we asked people of our school and our friends to tell us their stories and wrote them down.

We decided to post the best ones and share them with you.

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